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From the Mind Journal of Shaylise Stafford

There is light
a flash
engulfing darkness
overwhelming stillness
absolute silent
Time is frozen.
I am frozen.
Or do I exist anymore at all?
I do not know
All I have is this thought
I am
I am here
Am I the thought 
that someone else is having?
You are
You are there
and so am I
A pop
a flash
then there is light
blank soft light
Everyone is gone
I am not alone.


from By Moonlight: A Post Apocalyptic Fairy Tale by Q. Lenise Lee. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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By Moonlight 4.1b


A sudden noise from near a broken down wooden pushcart caught there attention.

All three turned toward the sound of terrible creaks and crackling, the sound of old wood being disturbed after a long sleep.

Their instincts kicked on high, each awaiting the moment to attack whatever hid behind the dusty barrier just in front of them, less than five feet away.

Shay and Ethan touched minds, silently powering up.  It was a natural instinct now, to unify their abilities as one.  They would always be more powerful as one.

Drek held deathly still.  His shadow long and lean, as though he were not there, merely a piece of the scenery.  No words of magic were as powerful as deluding the mind into believing there was nothing there to be afraid of, never preparing itself for the attack that strike at any moment.  This was his greatest strength, stealth.

And then they appeared.  The children.

They stepped from behind the cart and stood in the full light of the overhanging sun, which should have been impossible.  They were hand in hand, calmly composed with serene looks upon their young faces, as though the world around them were not made of ash and dust and dirt and creeping things waiting to kill all who chanced near them.

The boy, dark-skinned with thickly coiled light brown hair, was about ten years old; close to Ethan’s age when Mother and Father, his handlers, had taken him from his home, had pulled him from the arms of his dying mom, the last survivor of his real family.

The girl, fair-skinned and red-headed, was slightly younger, perhaps eight, around the same age as when Shay realized that the world she was born into was somehow not right.  Though she had known no other life, she had always sensed the way things were were not how they were supposed to be, that something at some point, long before she was born, had gone terrible wrong.  A twist set in motion by the Fates, if there were such beings.

For a moment, all were silent, all stared, none moved.  They were like an aged portrait from some forgotten nowhere, left to dry and droop in the harsh sun.

It was the boy who spoke first.  He spoke, clear and to the point, yet his thick full lips never moved.  “We are alone.”

The other three knew this was not true.  Though there was no other living thing to be scene at this high-day hour, except the five who stood here, there were sleepings – or hiding – beings all around them, sheltered in place til dark.

The girl was next.  It was the same, her voice was perfectly pitched, but her pink mouth did not open as she said the words.  “You do not need to fear us.”

Still the other three made no attempt to reply.  This could easily be a trap.  The Elders were not done with them. Perhaps they had rallied and returned sooner than anticipated and were not using some illusion to get Ethan and Shay – and even Drek – to let their guards down.  All eyes stared, all minds remained focused.

Then, finally, it was Shay who took a chance, against Ethan’s wishes.

No, he warned her across their mental bond,  don’t.  They are not true children.  There is no way they would be able to survive standing in full sun like that.

That is the reason why I am doing this, Shay replied, they Elders cannot do this kind of magic.  Not even they are powerful enough to override the power of the sun on human skin.  We thought only we could that.  And since that’s not true anymore, we need to know who they are… they could be allies, Ethan.  And we need as many as possible now… even Drek.

There was still hesitation in his mind, but he understood her points.

Ethan nodded toward Shay and then she turned to the children.

“Who are you?”  She spoke with real words this time, so that Drek could also hear her.

The tiny pair in unison this time, aloud using their lips to release soft and flowing words that touched the ears of the other three ever so lightly as though a breeze had gently floated near them, wrapping them in both calm and unease at feeling such a quiet calm.

“We are your friends.  We have come very far.  We are here to help you.”  They stepped forward a few more feet, flooding their faces in even more bright midday sun, nearly illuminating their beautiful and delicate features.  “We must be quick to move,” they continued as one, “There are enemies on the way.  And they will arrive ahead of dark, clothed in the energy of the dark storm.”





from By Moonlight, An Apocalyptic Fairytale by Q. Lenise Lee.  All Rights Reserved 2020.

balance and energy.

the call of the universe,

pulling us to greater heights.

the spirit of the universe,

pursuing us into our wildest dreams.




Q. Lenise Lee

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I am.

Reborn in the morning,

settled at eventide.

In balance.

As one,

with the Universe.

All things that were.

All things that are.

All things that will be.

I am.

Art and artist.

Creation and creator.




Q. Lenise Lee

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I want to


light in

my eyes

and listen

to the nothingness

and fullness of

the morning

Moments are


to the brim of

breaking while

I want to lose time

or have

time lose



is least binding



to feel




Q. Lenise Lee

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I feel.

Enthralled in rapture. Yet remain quietly serene.

Wanting to chase the rush of pure energy. Yet sitting perfectly still.

I hear.

The universe conducting a symphony before me, expounding on the dissertation of the secrets of the universe. Yet I calmly sip my coffee, distracted, while tapping a random beat against the curve of the mug.

I see.

All that is offered, infinity upon infinity. Yet my eyes are watching numbers across a fading screen.

Q. Lenise LEe

What does this all mean?

I walk thru the center of Creation

At the heart of Existence

And I live.

And I breathe.

(I breathe deeply).

And I am.

The spirit of the Universe surrounds me

Cradles me.

Nourishes me.

I am Loved.

I am Love.

All, and the All in All, is revealed.

I dwell within.

The Unfolding.




~Q. Lenise Lee


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By Moonlight 4.1a

“Prince who became King.”

Shay turned her head toward him.  A look of curiosity washing across her cinnamon complexion.  Without a word spoken, she had moved her question into Ethan’s mind.

You spoke those words to me a moment ago, he said, continuing their private conversation.

They were still making a long trail down the road that led through the center of the sleeping city.  Along the way, they passed a green rectangular sign hanging from a rusted metallic pole that poked high into the overhead sky.  Broadway.  That is what was printed on the sign in bold white letters.  Ethan had been schooled thoroughly in many subjects and had easily read the wording.  He conveyed the message to Shay, who had had limited schooling and had struggled with the first half of the signage.  He also told her that this road had once been a main concourse for the city; a large gathering place for all of its long-gone inhabitants.  She nodded in understanding.  They would talk much more on the subject in days to come.  For now, she only needed this small piece of information to know that this place had once been sacred to a people who had gone silent and whose children had scattered to the four winds.

Shay had chosen to keep their current conversation private because she still had no trust for the lean shadow slipping alongside them down the road, hidden in the dark shapes cast by the large piles of debris strewn by the roadside.

I don’t remember saying that, she silently whispered to him.  She was slightly disturbed by this.  A full minute had gone by where she had no memory of what had occurred.  It was as though her mind had seized her completed, and the essence that stirred within her stomach and chest – elders had spoken the word soul once or twice when she had inquired about it, and their brows were always wrinkled with fear and worry, dread at having said the name aloud – whatever it was that made her her had gone off elsewhere, to a place she could not recall or imagine but that she knew she had been during that moment.  I don’t remember anything at all.  What happened?

After you tossed the snake, you came back from the side of the road.  And you were different.  Your eyes and hair.  Your skin.  It all glowed.  Not like before, at the castle.  This was different.  Ethan paused and let his fingers slip down to the smooth, brown skin of her forearm.  He turned and looked deep into the hazel of her eyes.  Then you reached out and touched me and I felt a change work through me also.  You went into a trance and began to speak a verse.  You called me Prince who became King.  He stopped a moment, trying to give her time to process what he had said, hoping that it would spike a memory of the event.  Do you remember now?  Deeper into her eyes, he stared, not realizing his breath had stopped in hope of receiving answers to so many questions that had stirred up in him since that moment.

Shay’s eyes drifted off to the side, breaking their stare.  Her mind tried to reach and grab for any bit of memory.  But only faint sparks of blue and silver danced across her inner vision.  Nothing else returned.

“It is your destiny,” a dark voice, Drek’s voice, cut into the midst of their mind-bond, what the elders would have called a phaze.  “You are the end and the beginning, which is why they took you and kept you and tutored you…and tormented you…to raise you as one of their own.”





from By Moonlight, An Apocalyptic Fairy  Tale, by Q. Lenise Lee

©2019 Lenise Lee Pubn.

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moonlit daze

sunkissed knights


spirit that dwells

spirit which longs

spirit who calls

for oneness, union

push and pull

toward home

light love laughter


beyond existing


within me

a thought,

calling to the universe

the four loves

door and key

sun and moon

searching mysteries

to find

the solution

to the equation

muse, in all forms


of the universe

all energy

flowing abundantly

through me

and all

i am.