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The Traveling Q: Wildwood NJ

Sun fun and blue skies at the Jersey shore

Welcome to the Traveling Q.

Hi have been lucky enough to do quite a bit a domestic travel over these past few years and, what can I say, everyone should have the same opportunity to tap into their frequent flyer miles 😊

Until then, please enjoy this new edition to my blog. Your readership is always appreciated.

Xoxo, Q.

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To Do List



Write til my fingers cramp

Write about everything

til the words live on their own

til I can feel my heart beat again

til the possibilities don’t scare me

til the veil is lifted

twilight gone

sun beams break free



til I find what I’m looking for

til I understand what I’m living for




Just Write.

til I feel the kiss of forever

til I embrace what


What..I will be.

What..I long for. true





will i ever find you