PART I – Darkness

The near future…


“You did what?!”

Ethan charges across the room directly toward him, and Carl felt his bones shudder with fear.  He actually flinched the second his master stopped before him.  Heavy breath from Ethan’s flaring nostrils steamed Carl’s pale and gaunt cheeks.

“I..I sent Rigael after her,” he said, his tone less confident than when he first spoke the words a few moments ago.

“What..the wrong with you?” Ethan’s eyes widened with shock and anger.

A slight hint of something foreign..fear, perhaps..flickered at the center of his baby blue eyes.  They were the eyes Carl had secretly bathed himself him from the moment they first held his gaze.  Ethan had been merely a boy back then but, from that moment on, Carl had loved him with such fierce intensity that it scared him sometimes.  Of course, at that time, his young master was naive and Carl could have easily had his way with him.  Not much was off limits in this merky age they had slopped themselves in, yet even he had his boundaries.  Nevertheless, given that Ethan’s affections had grown achingly colder toward him within these past few months, he sometimes regreted his decision to try to let the boy fall in love with him at his own pace.  Love.  Yes, even cold-hearted bastards such as himself wanted to feel the gentle touch of a kindred spirit.  But, now..Carl huffed that that wench had found her way within these coveted walls, Ethan had talked or thought of nothing else other than her.  Scanky, dirty whore that she was.  Carl knew her type well.  Pretending to be a warrior when she knew nothing turned a man on more than a prize that he had to fight to claim.  And he could see that Ethan was well beyond falling for the trap, he had already been chained into blind obsession.

“Answer!”  The force of his the front of his shirt being bundled between Ethan’s clenched fist and then his entire upper body being dragged at least a six inches across the floor, snapped Carl’s attention back to the situation at hand.  Ethan was no less than a foot or more than him and had used his towering frame to lift Carl’s thin body upward, nearly pulling him clear off the floor.  Menace and murder were swirling at the pit of Ethan’s eyes.  “Why did you send him?”

“Y-you said,” a slight stutter broke from Carl’s trembling lips, “you said to bring her back at all costs.”

“Alive you asshole!” Ethan’s heavy barritone stabbed at Carl’s eardrum, but he was too afraid to cover them with his dangling palms.  “He’ll rip her to pieces if he catches her>’

Good.  He knew the thought was defiant, and he was well aware of what would happen if Rigael caught up with the girl.  It had been his intention from the very start.  A man in love does not tolerate competition, he annialates it in one swift blow.  With any hope, she was dead already, and the guards would be dragging her mutilated corpse thought that door at any second.

“Maybe you should have been more specific,” he spoke in low, nearly inaudible tones.  “Besides, she just a dirty tramp. I’ll get you another.”

Carl tried his best at an appealing smile which, under the intense circumstances, was nearly impossible to produce.  His efforts were only matched with Ethan’s rush of insanity.  Mmph. In one sharp blow, a devastating fist broke the bridge of Carl’s long nose.  The sickening crack nearly caused his stomach to wrench its contents.  Once the deed was done, Ethan released his hold on his servant’s clothing and let Carl hit the stone floor in a heavy thud.  Carl saw a spatter of his own blood spray across the gray stone he was laying nearly unconscious upon.  From the corners of his bleary eyes, he watched Ethan’s bare feet pace away toward his private balcony.  He heard words what they were like muffled chatter in his ringing ears.

“Find her now.  Bring her to me at once..alive and well.”  Ethan’s last sentence sent another wave of nausea rippling through Carl’s intestines.  “If she die.”

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