PART I – Darkness

The near future…


Nate’s eyes burned with rage when the two hulking thugs dragged her into the back.

All he could do was brood and watch from a safe distance behind the blockade of pulsing bodies.  Quick fingers ran through his raven-shaded hair.  The nervous tick helped him to refocus his thoughts.  Now that Plan A – smooth, simple, snatch and run plan A – just went to shit, it was time to move on to Plan B.  Blood and fireworks were going to rain down before daylight.

He had to assemble his team as soon as possible.  First on his list of embedded agents was Mouse – Don’t call me that, he could almost hear the words hissing from her lips and snapping the air in front of him.  At the thought, he held back a smile.

He pushed further into the crowd in search of her pretty face.  Moving through the heavy mass of bodies, his pace was as slow as swimming through a bath of heavy sludge.  Within the mix of salty, sweaty bodies, it was hotter than Hades.  Even with the scraps of cloth clinging to his body, he felt overdressed.  Every step was like lugging cast iron.  Every breath was a gasp.  Several times, he nearly choked on the stench.

How could people live in these toxic conditions?  Then again, they weren’t living at all.  The air reeked with death and decay of the worse kind.  Decay of the soul, death of the body.  This was worse than purgatory.  This was hell incarnate.  The sooner he napped his target, the sooner he could break free of the strangle hold this rotting arena was trying to lock around him.

Whispering Mouse, where have you scurried off to?

©Lenise Lee Pubn.  All Rights Reserved.

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