PART I – Darkness

The near future…


He watched the nymphs finish pleasuring each other.

When they were done, with juices flowing from their perky mouths and the heavy scent of feminine odor filling the air, they looked to him for approval. His face remained like a statue.

“Shall I dispose of them, sir?” Carl, his manservant, spoke into his left ear.

He didn’t bother to whisper, which only heightened the fear crawling across the women’s pretty faces. Their dew-covered lips twisted into terror. A sliver of fear slid down the face of the blonde, while the brunette gave an audible gasp.

He let the mystery hover a while longer. In truth, they had disappointed him. Even after their delicious show, not even a twitch ran through his groin. He had his subjects terminated for much less. Tonight, however, he was in an unusually forgiving mood.

“No,” he said flatly. Their brows relaxed, but only slightly. “Give them something sweet then put them in my private quarters.” Perhaps if they were feeling a little more slippery, he might get a juicier show during a late-night encore.

“As you wish, sir.”

Was there a note of disappointment in Carl’s voice? Perhaps. He always did seem to enjoy disposal more than most. Disturbed bastard. A slight smile tugged his lips.

Before leaving the room, he strolled toward his two newest pets. He moved one of his hands toward them and they cringed then flung their bodies together. Thin, nearly emaciated arms wrapped around trembling, pasty skin. He fooled them both by giving each one a gentle pat upon the head. That softened their expressions a bit. Good. Now they were ill-prepared for his next move. Using a hand for each throat, he pulled the pair of dolls up from the bed then squeezed until he felt their flesh mold into his palms. Blondie lost air first. The brunette hung on longer. When they were both unconscious within his grip, he kissed them tenderly upon their glistening brows. His new pets, indeed. They were going to have great fun. At least for tonight. Tomorrow was never a guarantee, at least not with him.


The moment he stepped into the dismal arena – The Lare, his new dominion – the scent hit his nose. Impossible. Above the stench of human sweat and body oil, plus heavy doses of alcohol and excrement, a lovely aroma wafted into his senses. His body was immediately drawn toward the trail. The further he moved toward the crowd, the more intense the taste became. A delicious flavor floated across his pallet. He licked his lips, nearly panting to inhale a deep, overdosing whiff of that smell, that intoxicating aroma that was driving every muscle in his body toward ravenous heights. The source was so close now. Maybe a yard away, no more. He paused as he honed in on his target. Again, he had to question the reality of this moment. How? After so long, how was this happening?

Naked bodies moved in-sync with the blaring, bass-heavy music, grinding sweaty, filthy flesh together, swaying in hypnotic rhythms. Only one caught his eye. She wasn’t in a drug-induced trance. She wasn’t being consumed by the raw energy of the live band’s performance. She was running…fleeing through the mass of tangled human corpses. A hand reached out to grab hold of the thick braid hanging down her back. Her head arched back with surprise. She was trapped. Or was she? The man tried to pull her back into his lecherous grip. A big palm reached down to jerk up her thin mini skirt. Right after he palmed her ass, she whirled around and used a small fist to push the tip of his nose in an upward direction. He could almost hear the bone crack from where he stood admiring her foreplay. Blood spewed down the punk’s face. Agony washed over his features. She watched her handiwork. Her hard scowl transformed into a…smile. Even under the dim flicker of the house lights, he saw her dark eyes light up with excitement. She enjoyed the pain she had caused. He felt her rush flow under his skin, experiencing the thrill as though it were his own. Pure delight spawned from deep fright.

When she rushed past him, he froze. His blood blazed in his veins. Her scent sparked an unfamiliar shiver inside the dark recesses of his black heart. Right then, he knew. As sure as he was destined to extinguish the power of the sun forever. It was her – the keeper of its paralyzing flames. And she would belong to him.

©Lenise Lee Pubn. All Rights Reserved.

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