The Universe hears our secret thoughts,

those we do not speak aloud,

even to ourselves








I think about my grandma, alot.  One of the last things she said, on what was probably her last trip outdoors.. at least, in this version of the world, in this concept of reality, of creation.
She said, look at the sky.  Look how blue it is.  And the sun.  It’s so warm..
I never forgot that moment, or those words; the purity, and honesty in them..
It took me some years afterward, to finally come to the conclusion, that I didn’t want to waste anymore moments inside.. The mental box we create for ourselves, or the real boxes the world says we should dwell in, for most of our best and brightest hours.
And now, here we are.  No longer proverbially trapped in the box, but literally.
So much time spent trying to brainstorm over the walls and around the borders, to ascend across limits and beyond mere moments..  Just to be told, where we are safest, where we have always been safest..  Is in small rooms, with small thoughts, and big distractions, to keep us from dreaming of what’s outside..

I listen to the morning,

to the morning song

It says,

be careful, be vigilant, be aware but


be bright, be amazed, be present

in the moment

Filled with love and laughter

words of encouragement

ears eager to embrace

heart of pure energy

spirit radiant and divine

movements right and true


be you.

A gift, a blessing,

focused and refined

(against the creeping darkness)

Bright, piercing Light

reborn to

Shine anew.




Q. Lenise Lee

I want to


light in

my eyes

and listen

to the nothingness

and fullness of

the morning

Moments are


to the brim of

breaking while

I want to lose time

or have

time lose



is least binding



to feel




Q. Lenise Lee

Twilight looms. Weaving its calm through hearts and minds. We slow our motion toward a long pause. The sun, elixor of life, makes her bed and burrows down beyond the western sky. Night yawns then raises its silvery halo. Another evening of laughter then rest wraps tenderly around the world.

Q. Lenise Lee

Keep my heart and mind open to change..and don’t fear the mistakes I may make along the way.

I think, like most people, my relentless search is for something much bigger than myself.  The sensation is almost impossible to describe.  Hm, like a memory that I just cannot pull together.  I keep thinking there is something I am supposed to be doing, right now, at this one moment, instead of just sitting here watching this colorful monitor.  At one point, I could draft an entire novella in a day.  Now, I struggle to eek out a single one-thousand word chapter within that same time frame.  What is it?  What has changed within me so much that my writing has become so abrupt.  I can see the stories, and most of them are already well-past finished in the spirals of my imagination, yet they refused to form whole and coherant bodies of work.

I’m intently waiting to reach that next level.  Eyes open.  Ears tuned.  Lips trembling with silent prayers.  I am finding the keys, but where is the door?

Does anyone else hear it?  Feel it?  Sense it?  Movement..a pulse..a beat..a whisper..a urge to the slow and purposeful wanderer approaches..masked by the noise of this world, hidden behind the blinders we wear, but always real and ever-present.

Kisses like cream.  Taste sweeter than milky chocolate.

shadows ~

This is beautiful! What a perfect centerpiece for mid-week thoughts and meditation.



beyond the realms
of all we know
another waits
in senses
forever bloomed
immortal breath of fire

the steady beat –
with skies to walk
and naught
a thought to tarry
reserving us
reminders to become

of markers left
and letters carved
into a place
we passed –
what joy to find we’ve wandered
close to home

another day
this way resolved
to sit a while
in slumber
forsaken to the night
– the weary soul

uncharted there
from porch to post
burning stars so bright
ships are tracing
slivers of the moon

backward to
the wishing well
where there you are
the same –
a light within the current
– sacred stone

Author’s Note: Inspired (in part) by the following passage from
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver…

“As long as we won’t commit to knowing everything, the presumption
is we know nothing… 
he did not claim that God
moves in mysterious ways…

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Good Tidings of Great Joy

English: Christmas star Deutsch: Weihnachtsstern
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Another year draws to a close with so many reasons to be thankful.  I am very grateful for the immeasurable joys and inspiring moments which have been granted to me along the way, including you, Dear Reader, and also for the many creative minds and special people I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with. Wishing each of you a sincere Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and an awe-inspiring New Year filled with wonderful adventure and new love….Peace and Blessings, always and in all ways!..LL♥