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Isla Verde. Puerto Rico. ©Lenise Lee Pubn.
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As some of us know, all too well, across large parts of the US, time flip-flopped and then dashed forward.

Yup, it was that time of year, Daylight Savings was cashed in. Since it’s springtime, we sprung forward an hour, making sunset arrive later than usual.

But, here’s the major thing that people whisper about but no one wants to yell out loud. It’s awful.

Twice a year, the natural balance that we as spiritual creatures set with the natural world and energy flow all around us is sudden upheaved and disrupted, and the after affects are rarely beneficial.

Sleep cycle is supremely important to an overall sense of well being, as well as being in tune with the natural rhythms and movements of the earth. So what happens when you force people, against their will, to either lay in bed too long or snatch the covers off way to early? Calamity ensues 😂

For about 2 to 4 weeks, people struggle to readjust their internal balance. Meaning, more angry drivers, coffee sales through the roof, and Motivation that falls off the scales or expires too quickly. Most will not consciously notice the change but those of us who are in-tune and sensitive will immediately pick up on the erratic energy running in all directions.

So, what to do? Simple answer. Reset. Take time to really and truly quiet the noise all around you. Focus in on you, not only the physical self but the spiritual being. What do you, as an individual, need to calm the unrest within. Answer the question to yourself as honestly as possible. Only through truth-telling with the self can we reconnect with our most perfect selves.

Have an amazing morning everyone!







xoxo, Q.

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