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Embracing the Morning

How do you start your day?

With coffee or tea? Water or juice? Cereal or a bagel? In meditation? Or do you spring right out of bed? 🤸🏽😂 Is the phone the first thing you reach for? Or the snooze alarm? 😴🧡

The beginning of the day, the exact moment when your mind first becomes aware, is THE most important experience of your life. It truly sets the tone for everything that will happen following that awakening.

Can we control the circumstances of the world overall? Alas, not usually. But, what we can take control of, for the most part, is ourselves.

So, before bed tonight, really and truly think about the day you would like to have tomorrow. Try that exercise as often as possible and see if it makes a difference with the experiences you begin to have for living a more holistic lifestyle.





Xoxo, Q.

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