The gods themselves heard the vow.

On a distant star, too faint to be seen from the Earth, and too enchanted to be sensed by only the most blessed beings of the Universe, the Pantheon was in an uproar.

Hyperion and Theia had disappeared into the fallen realm of Mankind and had yet to respond to the beckoning of the Celestial Imperion. They were the guardians of earth-plane and were sworn to protect its sanctity at all costs, but Theseus feared they had been too slow to act this time.

While the ensemble of dieties from various worlds, realms, and dimensional planes from the vast corners of existence gathered together, fretting, arguing, mumbling and whispering amongst themselves, their elected leader watched the emptiness of oblivion outside of the towering window of the ivory palace.

The rules of eternity dictated that the native people of Earth would always be granted freewill to decide their own fate; that is, unless that decision meant the complete downfall of their species and their world. And, for the first time since the All breathed life into that distant realm, the true end of the earth-plane had almost arrived. Its creatures – all of them, least and greatest – were on the eve of utter extinction. The guardians had held back from interceding for far too long and now all hope rested in the hands of one pair of humans, who were barely into their human teen years.

Why had he waited so long to gather his fellow gods? Because he had always had a high respect for the resilience and wisdom of humankind. They were a proud and stubborn species, mostly due to their isolation at the opposite side of the universe. But this had been their greatest strength for so long, like battle-hardened soldiers, shouldering the worst wounds while building the greatest empire ever known. Yes, this was their great source of strength, believing they were surviving alone while hurtling through empty space, until this trait somehow devolved to their become part of their own annihilation.

Deceivers infiltrated them, casting spells of terrible conceit that heralded their doom. A society that fractures to its core is destined for death, eventually.

When the swell of voices and other vocals had reached its crescendo, Theseus erupted into a roar, ” ENOUGH!”

As he spun to face toward the interior of the grand hall, gleaming whiter than ivory and shimmering like the twinkles of faint, ethereal stars, the train and long sleeves of his flowing robes moved with him like a strong breeze, flowing and rippling across the translucent floor.

The innumerable members of this universal counsel immediately hushed to a respective silence.

“We all know why we are here,” his steely eyes moved over the various forms present. “The Earth and it’s people are about to fall. Forever.”

Once again, the hall erupted into vocal chaos, but fell into silence as soon as Theseus raised his robed arm and hand.

“As you know, the complete death of a primary world, such as Earth, could have catastrophic consequences. It could trigger a ripple that could eventually tear the fabric of this eternity.”

Again an intense and unified gasp shot out in all directions.

“So what do we do, Theseus?” The question pushed hard into his mind from thousands of others all at once. Had he not been an ancient being, well-trained in all manners of telepathy, the sensation would have been overwhelming, possibly even fatal.

“Shall we descend to Earth? Put the invaders on trial? Or just execute them, destroy their forms and expel them back to the Void?”

This was the unanimous thought of the members, take the easy route: Seek. Destroy. But Theseus knew that this would make them no better than their enemies who had used the same means to cause this near-catastrophy.


Shock pulsed all around him.

“Then what, wise magistrate?” The delegates asked with eagerness that pushed toward him like a forceful wave.

“Before we declare war, we give humankind one more chance. They have two very enlightened beings standing for them. Though they are barely beyond childhood, they are strong and courageous. More importantly, they love one another fiercely and that love has made them more powerful than our enemies had predicted. They are our last line of defense against the great fall. Hyperion and Theia are with them now. They will train them as quickly as possible and hone their powers into sharp, unbreakable blades.”

He turned back toward the window, toward oblivion, and spoke to himself more than to anyone else in the expansive hall, “Because they cannot falter nor fail. They have no choice but to chop down their enemy. Our enemy.”








By Moonlight. A Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale by Q. Lenise Lee. Copyright Lenise Lee Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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