Their inky shadows slivered across the wooden floor of the darkened den.

Like a slow-winding river of slithering darkness, they crept up the legs of the pair of claw-footed, high-backed chairs. Slowly, purposefully, their swirling essence filled the spaces of the seats.

Legs. Arms. Torsos and heads. Suddenly, the whites of eyes opened wide then gleamed against the backdrop of their ebony forms.

Man and woman. Sinister. Vengeful. Overflowing with all the powers of the Void. The Elders were reborn.

This was their world now, and not even the gods themselves could cleave it from their grip.

Their first order of business: Find their wayward son and his peasant bride. Hunt them down and destroy them completely, until not even ash remained. Their powers had grown, even in the short time that they had been free. But they were slow to organize themselves, and that would be their weakness and their downfall.

The end of all Light begins now.







By Moonlight. A Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale. By Q. Lenise Lee. Copyright Lenise Lee Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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