There they stood, hand in hand, on the very edge of an unknown and unnamed universe mere moments after its birth.  Swirls of multicolored dust and lights scattered and danced across a blank canvas.  In what would be known as seconds, clouds of galaxies, bubbling over with new life smaller than a fleck, burst forth.  In every direction, tiny diamond pinpoints raced ahead, signaling that this new creation was very pleased with how its makers had designed it.

The male, fresh-faced with an ageless appearance, looked over and smiled at the female.  He watched her eyes shine and marvel at what they had just done.  This same scene had replayed countless times, yet the joyous glow hovering upon her lovely cheeks always brought a renewed sensation of warmth fluttering within his chest. When they worked their magic together, every time was better than the first.

With the tip of his finger, he moved a lock of her hair and gently tucked it behind her ear.

“What shall we do now?”

It always pleased him to follow her lead.  He lived to make her happy.  His very existence hinged upon filling her heart with glee.

She turned to him, her gaze swimming with unspoken adoration.

“I think we should make…love.”

The corners of his mouth quirked into an impish grin.

“As you wish.”

Turning to face the new dawn and the endless horizons stretching out before them, together they strolled forth.  Their flawless forms became smaller and smaller until they stood within the boundaries of the world they had just sculpted.  As one, as always, they were ready and restless to explore the shores of their newest homeland.







How do you think it all began?


8 thoughts on “In the beginning

  1. Just so beautiful……Now as ONE. How much better can it Get!? When you truly find that one who match’s your Soul, your Heart, your Spirit…….24 years ago I met my Soul Mate…….Even through all my hell, my pain and hurts of addiction, he never gave up on me! We are STILL ONE LOVE Today! Hoe Blessed am I….Thanks for another wonderful post! Hugs & Blessings, Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂

    1. Truly, you are indeed very blessed! True Love is like an exotic and rare hard to find yet worth the wait when it is finally discovered. So glad real love stories still exist..Hope to live my own someday soon..Hugs and warm wishes to you and your darling :~)

    1. Thank you very much..I was thinking about this scene for a while, but the words to express it only showed up just recently..Enjoyed your blog more than words can say!!

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