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Happy Summer!

By Yun Shouping (1633–1690) via Wikimedia Commons

Hey All..It’s time for me to take a quick hiatus..Many thanks to all of you who visit and drop me cute notes that I absolutely adore!  I will still be visiting and signing smiley faces, just not releasing anything new for a little bit..Wishing you a bright, safe, fun-filled, sweet..and romantic..opening to the Summer Season..Three cheers for writers..we make the world spin upside down and do awesome back-flips too :~)

PS..If anyone can tell me what this Chinese poem says..I will love you always!!

Blessings and best wishes ~lenise~


Me ♥ Novice artist and graphic designer ♥ Narrator of romance ♥ Seeker of eternal love in its purest form ♥ Believer in WORD power Who am I truly? Just the average girl next door, spinning tales of sweet romances wrapped around sensual moments in time…LL♥

25 thoughts on “Happy Summer!

  1. Have a wonderful little summer break! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog yesterday about my wedding and anniversary! It was a day I’ll never forget, we were blessed with amazing friends and family and beautiful weather – what more can you ask for on your wedding day!

    xo jen

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my little nest of words and images, and also for your well wishes..Many more years of blessings and love to you, your dear husband, and family..Have an awesome summer ~lenise~

  2. hi Lenise, ,dropped by to thank you for the follow. And of course to read some of your words. I agree comments are better.. More later I have to go to work.. Nick

    1. Hi Nick..You are very welcome..Yes, I always prefer comments, so I can keep in touch with fellow bloggers and visionary wishes ~lenise~

  3. I am aware of your vacation but i want to pass on the Always There When i Need You Award- i am writing it today. Take as you need but the only condtion is to pass it on..that is it 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend. What a wonderful honor you have bestowed on me. I am truly humbled by your kindness. When I return, I hope to offer something worthy enough to compare to this great gift. Best wishes ~lenise~

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