the wind whispers

promises my ears

are yet to hear

the sun reveals

glory my eyes

yearn to behold

the breeze quenches

thirst i never knew

consumed me

the morning song

swoons a sunken heart

with consoling melodies

a flicker..a tremble..a pulse..a beat..





18 thoughts on “all around me

    1. **Big Smiles** With these wonderful compliments coming from a world famous poet such as yourself, I feel a rush of euphoria..btw..both of your blog pics are awesome..lenise :~)

      1. Oh no no! I’m neither ‘world famous’ nor a ‘poet’… I’m just a wounded knight, singing folklores of distant lands… :~)

        And thank you for the compliments! *even guys blush at times, this was one such moment* :~P

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