18 thoughts on “beauty is

  1. Nature..her quiet grace and subtle charm..is at the center of my definition of pure beauty..To be the spark that ignites the telling of a thousand tales of romance..to stir up the insatiable yearning to flee into a grand adventure beyond the golden sunset..to speak volumes upon volumes of lessons on the pursuit of peace and bliss..serenity beyond measure..without ever having to whisper a single human word..ah..yes, I do believe Nature is where I would bestow the title of *beautiful*

  2. Beauty for me is never one single thing. Usually it is the lasting effect that something/someone had produced. And it is not always the obvious… far from it!

      1. Thanks, I have my moments πŸ˜‰ And to be quite frank – at least half of the job put in that response was made by you πŸ˜€ Like in Newtonian law of physics – response need an action to react.

        Best wishes to you, take good care πŸ˜€
        – Przemek

  3. To the eye, beauty is something desired and appreciated
    To the mind, beauty is something complex and challenging but understood
    To the heart, beauty is the peace of knowing that your full self is seen, understood, & accepted

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