Recently, a very nice fellow blogger extended to me the honor of receiving a bundle of awards..And along with those awards came a list of ten questions..very intriguing questions that seemed to be aimed right at my heart and mind..

As I read each one, I felt a sort of stirring in my soul..A kind of subtle euphoria..I had found another set of keys..

Who am I?  The ever elusive question that I continually ponder, for it seems I am never the same person for more than a single moment at a time..

Like the wind, I wander and shift with the turn of the earth, rise and fall then rise again with all the changes..upheavals and spirals..towering mountains and refreshing streams..of life..of a day..of an instant..

Yet..I seek a wholeness..a certain peace that can only come from discovering the truth behind the reason of my existence..the purpose of being here and now..inhaling memories of a forgotten romance..exhaling dreams of tender caresses and sweet kisses..

The keys to solving the mystery of..I am..are scattered, but every new and unexpected experience seems to pull me ever closer toward encountering..embracing..becoming enraptured by..what awaits beyond the opening of the door..

..Alas, since I am such a quiet, slightly awkward girl..I am always reluctant to share too much of myself..This time, however, I felt the urge to reveal another layer of *me* the very least..bits of who I think I am..who I would like to be..

..If it is your wish to do answers are here..


What is the meaning of life?

To love and to be loved.

Happiness is all about?

Finding what makes me whole, brings me peace and quiets the restlessness of my soul.

Why do you start a blog?

To discover who I explore all the moments that matter to me.  To compose my words into an expression of my longing for a perfect romance.

What is more important in your life: relationships or fame?

Fame fades..glory fizzles..riches disappear..true friendship can last a lifetime..maybe more

One thing which you like the most about blogging?

Finding out that I’m not the only one who longs..yearns..for something more..something beautiful..not the only one who hears the songs of forever on the breeze

What’s the best decision you ever made?

Deciding to let go of my at a time..

Do you believe that unconditional love really exists in any kind of relationship?

Absolutely..and I stand poised and eager for my chance at finding it.

Do you believe in Karma? If yes, then what are bad and good karma according to you?

I believe that itself..exists in a cycle..and, yes, I do think it’s possible to circle back to some form of energy..positive or negative..that I thought I had left far behind.

Do you believe in rebirth or afterlife? If yes, then why?

Rebirth is letting go of all that is past..pressing forward toward what is to come.  As for the afterlife..yes, there is..I hope so..I know so..because I do so much want to see my granny again..

What is the best moment of your life?

Each time I realize that I am just existing

..What about you?  Who are you?  What brings a smile to your face?  Laughter to your lips?  A flutter to your heart?  I would love to know..

19 thoughts on “The Turning of the Key

  1. I enjoyed reading the questions and your answers! Thought provoking indeed. I haven’t received any awards thus far for American Male so this must be a awesome feeling to have someone recognize your work. I want to extend my congratulation.

    1. Thank you so much! Please know that I enjoy your posts very much..The photos are fabulous and I love reading the *narratives* as well..I’m sure your day to feel the light shine on your hard work will come sooner than you think..All the best..Lenise :~)

  2. Very beautiful thoughts. Your words are a freedom of expression rarely seen. I enjoyed reading your blog and believe I understood your meanings. Looking forward to reading more like this post.

    1. Thank you, you do me a great honor with your kind words..I was just strolling through your wonderful blog..Oh my, such soothing memories you share! I’m still reading Poetry II – Love, and I will re-read again..I feel there is a great message to be discovered within your eloquent musing..Lenise :~)

    1. Hello Noel :~) Thank you for extending such warm and bright compliments to me..I really appreciate your visit..and I enjoyed strolling through your blog as well..All the best ~lenise~

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