Strange Waters
Rainy Season in the Tropics. Frederic Edwin Church.

“‘Water.” So much meaning in a simple sound… ‘Survival is the ability to swim in strange water….we must find the currents and patterns in these strange waters…if we are to survive.’”  from Frank Herbert’s Dune


10 thoughts on “Strange Waters

    1. Definitely a powerful song..Looked up the lyrics and my eyes immediately jumped to “Burned in love till I’ve seen my heart explode”…volumes in those words..btw..this is good.. ..vocals are kinda fuzzy..Absolutely love Dune..futurism, prophecy, power struggle, romance..

  1. Words to live by indeed. I will apply them accordingly… In these days and times we are not only fighting a physical battle to survive, but also a mental and spiritual one, so it helps if one is aligned with the universe or atleast in pursuit of that divine alignment.

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