Original Artwork by H.K. Abell. Shay in the Dark.
Original Artwork by H.K. Abell. Shay in the Dark.

Here I am…again…fingers poised above the keyboard, mind wandering away by the pull of the soul-stirring musical echoes from Pandora’s box.   The magic hovering in the crisp spring air draws me from my shell and out into the sunlit sky beaming with endless possibilities.  No matter my mood, no matter where life has led me…like a gentle turn of the breeze, I return to this one place…ever so eager to spin a new tale of romance.  Though my pen has been ominously dormant for a long season, spring  evokes an undeniable urgency to create sweet, haunting dreams of what could be…if only he and I could finally intertwine…goosebumps flood over golden-brown skin at the thought.  Now, here I am…again…standing at the wandering crossroads, my mind strangely drawn toward the twilight-shadowed path this time.  A dark hero, brimming with passion and peril, seems to be struggling to be freed from his solitude and to emerge from my fingertips…It’s always darkest before dawn…A smirk tugs the curved corners of pink lips…A flash sparks from sienna-shaded eyes…A pacing mind dares to take a closer step toward the edge of forever and to peer into the mystical beyond…………

4 thoughts on “Again

    1. Andy, thanks so much for your words of encouragement..I’m always so shy about sharing my writing..I’m definitely starting to post more of my fiction, but on my other blog…Enjoy your day :~)

  1. Thanks lenise for floating by my blog… was it the rose that enticed you? I’ll be looking for someone shortly to read through my first story i’m writing and publishing… would you have time? It’s not going to be too long, just long enough…

    1. Hi Barbara! Yes! I am absolutely in love with roses and all that they symbolize…Your post was quite interesting, reminded a little of myself…Of course, I would love to read your story! You can send a link…an email: iam.lenise@yahoo.com …or feel free to post what you want here or on one of my Iam Lenise Pages..whatever is comfortable for you :~)

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