This is beautiful! What a perfect centerpiece for mid-week thoughts and meditation.



beyond the realms
of all we know
another waits
in senses
forever bloomed
immortal breath of fire

the steady beat –
with skies to walk
and naught
a thought to tarry
reserving us
reminders to become

of markers left
and letters carved
into a place
we passed –
what joy to find we’ve wandered
close to home

another day
this way resolved
to sit a while
in slumber
forsaken to the night
– the weary soul

uncharted there
from porch to post
burning stars so bright
ships are tracing
slivers of the moon

backward to
the wishing well
where there you are
the same –
a light within the current
– sacred stone

Author’s Note: Inspired (in part) by the following passage from
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver…

“As long as we won’t commit to knowing everything, the presumption
is we know nothing… 
he did not claim that God
moves in mysterious ways…

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