I am a woman after Your Heart

Because of this, I have no fear

My life is bold yet humble

Peace is my constant companion

Trust, my triumphant joy

Love, the bond eternal

I see my brothers riding upon the clouds

Hear my sisters whispering in the winds

Feel the heartbeat of creation

Receive echoes of eternity

I am a woman after Your Heart

My soul was never my own.


©2013  Lenise Lee Pubn.

8 thoughts on “A woman after your heart

  1. And the heart I have come to know is a magnificent sharing treasure, a pearl of great worth! You words are so very soothing and inspiring to my morning! God bless you Lenise, you will always be a blessing to me!

    1. Hi Wendell! May God Bless you also, now and forever. Thank you so much for the kind words; as always, they have lifted my spirit higher. And thank you for your truly wonderful works of words and praise on your blog…I enjoy reading and meditating on them! Have a great day 🙂

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