The sky finally cleared up today..thank goodness!..and the weather was a perfect 72, with a powder blue sky and cotton white clouds hovering in the heavens..I was so happy for this beautiful day, I wanted to capture it for a while longer..I am by no means a great photographer, but these snapshots actually came out a lot better than I thought they would..I hope to experience the divine serenity of nature more often..and I also hope you enjoyed our quick walk together..Wishing you a fabulously wonderful weekend..LL♥

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15 thoughts on “Take a walk with me :)

  1. “Life isen’t about weathering the storm
    so much as learning how to dance in
    the rain!” I saw that on a plaque some
    where and liked it. You seem like a very
    happy person. Pink is similar to red and
    I used to think red was the king of the
    colors, it made me happy every time I
    saw it. Nice to meet you.

    1. Pink always catches my helps me feel ‘girly’ and also gets me to pause and reflect..I love your quote! Thanks for sharing, and also for your visit..It is great to meet you too! I’m going to explore your blog already looks exciting!!

      1. I do like excitement. Now that I think about it, pink is
        also a delicous color – now that I’m older I try food that
        is every color – but when I when I was a child you would
        be hard pressed to convince me that pink food didden’t
        taste better. I preferred strawberry to cholate – salmon
        to hamburgers – if it tasted like bubble gum I loved it be
        cause I thought that was how pink tasted. Funny huh?

      2. I like curious excitement too, that’s why I enjoyed your blog so much..On pink food..Yes..very funny 🙂 But I absolutely get what you’re saying..because I think the opposite! LOL..I avoid candy, drinks, and other sweets that are pink, red, and purple..they taste so odd to me (I’m glad I’m not the only one who can taste the difference in food coloring, now I don’t feel as strange about that, haha)..but I do love salmon (great energy food and very flavorful), and I think chocolate should be its own food group! 😀

      3. Congratulations. Not liking pink candies makes you
        slightly more normal then everone else – here’s why –

        Most pink food dye comes from the crushed wings
        of a cactus eating beatle – this dye is used in almost
        everything edible and redish to pink. It’s currently one
        of the hottest comodities on earth, not a lot of people
        realise their eating bugs though – unless their drinking
        “Bug Juice.” A product that proudly proclaims
        they use these bugs in their recipe.

        I never much cared for purple stuff
        – grape was something I hated, thought
        it tasted like medicine.

        Lychee is a pink fruit I have recently gotten into – very
        odd flavor, oh and I eat pickeled ginger like it’s candy –
        though everone else thinks it tastes like shampoo –
        I enjoy cilantro – a green hearb – but will readily agree
        it makes the yard smell like stink bugs – dad says I
        have the worst tase in food of any one he has ever
        seen. A cousin thinks my taste buds are flawed. I
        prefer to think I get tired of familiar things. 😉

    1. You are very welcome..I enjoyed your photos very much..Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

    1. Thank you very much..I enjoy yours also..Your photos are lovely, and thank you for your comments and visits!! Have an awesome day 🙂

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