Te amo

porque tú eres mi cielo perfecto

yo te sigo

como mi amanecer infinite

yo te adoro

más que la luna adora el sol

te amo


hasta el fin de mi mundo


I love you

because you are my perfect sky

I follow you

as my infinite dawn

I adore you

more than the moon adores the sun

I love you


until the end of my world


Love is beautiful in any and all languages
Share it more often..Receive it more often
Text ©2012 LL
*Please excuse my humble translation

30 thoughts on “Te Amo

    1. Hi Scott! Thank you 🙂 ..Te quiero didn’t seem to carry the intense sincerity and devotion I was trying to illustrate here

  1. I’ve dabbeled in spanish, but the
    course I took with a christian home
    study program wanted me translate
    three-hundred year old prayers
    before I could even spell gato.

    I also got sick of their bias
    history books.

    Being able to write in two languages
    is awsome, practice long enough and
    you can have a valueable skill. 🙂

    or just some great poems.

    Spanish es muy bonita.

    ugh – did I say that right? 😛

    1. Haha! Almost..but good enough 😀 ..I confess that I’ve allowed so much of it to slip away from non-use..this was a way for me to reconnect and start thinking in another language again..plus, sometimes an emotion is too strong to be expressed in only one way 🙂

    1. Thank you very much..and thanks for the visit!! ..Is that a butterfly on your toe..haha 🙂

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