This is absolutely Beautiful and Perfect!…I was daydreaming with you..I still am 🙂 Thank you for sharing this masterpiece!


I dreamed of
kings and kingdoms,
camelot and merlin –
legend forged by magic
and desire.
I dreamed of knights
approaching –
might find this maiden
waiting –
for all this everafter
might inspire.

I dreamed of pearls
and whiskey –
the lazy side of summer,
news from home –
across and down
the same.
I dreamed of
picket fences,
a porch to wrap around us –
closing time, and
calling stars by name.

I dreamed of distant
highways, were made for
this horizon –
a destination
yet to be revealed.
I dreamed of clay
and coyotes,
a hand to fit me walking –
miles beyond to wonder
how love feels.

I dreamed of boots
and perfume,
a light across the meadow –
boxes filled with treasure
I loved best.
I dreamed of
golden mornings,
a winding path to take me,
back to the arms –
where dreaming
I shall rest.

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