I was up before sunrise this morning…I even out-raced the birds for a chance at witnessing the birth of dawn over the eastern horizon, lol.  I could easily assume it was my nagging allergies that pulled me from a tangle of dreams, but I choose to believe it was more than a simple twitch from sneaky pollen that opened my eyes and kick-started a buoyant optimism deep within me…I haven’t felt joy this intense touch my heart in many waking days.  I have no way of foretelling what will transpire five minutes from now, much less the entire day, yet I feel so happy and hopeful at this moment.  I even found a great theme song to listen to…Fist pumping and air drums at 5 AM are an awesome way to start the day…at least in  my humble opinion 🙂  This is a peace so beautiful and genuine that I wanted to share it with as many others as possible.  Stranger or friend, I wish the same renewal of mind and spirit for you today as well..Smiles, hugs, kisses, laughs, and lots of love to all during this new day on planet Earth..LL♥

14 thoughts on “Sunrise in my heart

  1. Love to see positvity with the waking of the morning…. Capture that feeling and don’t let it go. The day is young but it will age with beauty; Continue letting the world in on your optimism!!!!

    1. Thank you for that Extra Boost of inspiration! 😀 I hope we all capture a piece of this fabulous and lovely day 🙂

  2. Such is a gorgeous photo. I hope to be able to take a photo like this one day. Also, such a great post. Reminds me of a friend of mine who likes to run in the morning so she can experience the sunrise.

    1. I love sunrise..and all the moments leading up to it..the most spectacular and promising part of the day 🙂

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