looking for something i can’t find…waiting for a dream never destined to cross the threshold of reality…listening for a voice that is now only a faint memory…days spent walking with a spirit of hope, nights wrapped up in lonely disappointment…the very moment i am resigned to let go, to seek after a new source of inspiration, i finally have a chance encounter with you..but only in dreams…

‘This is the place where you come to remember that I will always love you…”

The breath of warm winds caress my golden skin, calling me from a restless sleep.  Light brown eyes touch a pale lavender sky filled with thick patches of milky white cotton dancing across the seamless horizon, floating ever onward, pushing across the canvas of eternity.  Against the backdrop of forever, the majestic mountains of contemplation boldly stand guard over the inhabitants of this lost and sacred chimera.  The rustle of a gentle breeze stirs up gallant waves across the ocean of emerald-green circling round me.

The soft touch from a strong finger moves tenderly along the curve of my chin, drawing my eager sight toward the graceful face I have longed to see for so long.  Serene eyes as clear as liquid crystal instantly capture me.  Words as satisfying as a divine kiss ease uncertainty. A question answered, a promised renewed.

“You alone are my perfect love. Before you, none…after you, none…Never forget that I’m only a whisper away.”

The tickle from a stream of orange sunlight floating through white curtains coax my dark lashes apart, prying me from the secure hold of a much yearned for peace. Sweet melodies of an angelic choir fade away with the rushing azure tides of the ensuing morning skyline..LL♥

10 thoughts on “In dreams

    1. Agreed..probl why I daydream so much 🙂 ..Oh my..would love to hear more! I’m absolutely, completely, totally fascinated by romance *(^-^)* ..esp true love 😛

      1. how much time do you have? hehe

        it’s a long story….

        the premise, it starts with a SMiLE, the internet, an overseas flight, a marriage, a baby in a baby carriage, a separation, a reunion, and well, the stuff of fairy tales 🙂

        I may seem grumpy on my blog, but well, it’s a release, hehe.

      2. HAHA..lmao…seriously..I almost fell out of my chair…I LOVE the plot! Are they making this into a movie? Will Ryan Gosling be in it..*butterflies*

      3. lol, it’s my life, seriously, hehe.

        i’m not ryan gosling unfortunately, just an average joe who isn’t so average, just figured that out, part of the story, hehe

      4. I still think it would be a ‘page-turner’..let me know when it’s published 🙂

      5. lol, when i’m dead, seriously, i don’t have a book or anything, maybe you can write it 😉 I’m living it, literally, hehe, i’m just mysterious about it all, like a tease of sorts, but it’s true and awesome nonetheless 🙂

        Thanks 🙂

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