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Source of Inspiration

Creation begins with a
thought, an idea, a “what if.”
Where do our ideas come from?
“Oh, our brain just sort of…I
don’t know..makes it up!” Ok,
but how does our brain “make up”
an idea it has never had? And
why do people like Thomas Edison
seem to have a superior ability
to create?

Consider the possibility that
each of us has the ability to
create and that creativity can be
cultivated, increased far beyond
where we are now.

The act of creating is like a well
loved tool; a hammer, needle and
thread, mixing bowl paint brush.
Once we understand how to use it,
there are limitless possibilities
in a variety of media. Most of us
who “dabble” in art, music, gardening,
photography, believe we may have a
little talent in these areas but
not in others. But what if talent is
not a gift but rather a…

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